Feeling disconnected or in conflict with our partner can take the joy out of our homes and our lives, and fill us with sadness, rage, and hopelessness. Oftentimes despite our best efforts to pursue resolution or to protect the peace, we find ourselves in a painful, repetitive, and yet familiar pattern in our relationship. My guess is that most of us have tried to think our way out of these spots, yet if it were that easy than none of us would struggle.

My belief is that whatever healing means to you, it is achieved through the power of the relationship. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which can support you and your partner to join together against this destructive or disconnected pattern, and to develop, foster, and strengthen the connection between you. Then suddenly, when feeling loved by and love for our partner, all of those efforts that seemed unsustainable suddenly happen naturally and without thought out of love and admiration. From this restored connection comes a new sense of hope, joy, and peace within ourselves, our partner, and our relationship.

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