Long ago the phrase “what is shareable is bearable,” was coined by Dr. Daniel Siegel, and this quote has shaped me and my practice. There are so many understandable reasons why we may keep things in or act in certain ways that aren’t helpful for ourselves or our relationships, and yet we usually just haven’t figured out a better way. When we experience moments of sharing ourselves fully and honoring and accepting what ‘is’ without avoidance or judgment, I believe we can take what is helpful and leave the rest behind. Suddenly then, our lives and relationships can be lived and experienced without the weight of shame, anger, or fear, and we are left to live life more fully and completely in the moment.

I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an empirically validated trauma therapy approach that is also effective at addressing a variety of other anxieties, fears, and concerns. I invite you to learn more about EMDR or to login set up a time to meet.