While parents may not always be part of a child's pain or struggle, I believe they can always be part of the solution.

Parents of young children

Parent support and education often takes the form of filial therapy. Filial therapy is a structured and time-limited training model in which parents of young children are trained in play therapy skills, similarly to how therapists are taught in graduate school, with the goal of empowering parents and caregivers to be the change agent for their child instead of having to rely on an “expert” to “fix” whatever their child's struggle or problem. Filial therapy is a play-based approach that builds on the inherent strength of the parent-child relationship. In an average of 10 sessions, parents learn to manage their children’s behavior and anxieties, and discover the keys to enhancing and strengthening the parent-child bond. Filial therapy is often a welcomed gift for parents who yearn to be involved in their children’s therapy and healing.

Parents of teens

Parenting an adolescent can be humbling and overwhelming during the best of times, let alone during times of anxiety, family stress, or conflict. Even more distressing is when our efforts to support, discipline, and guide our children through stressful times feel like not enough, and we and our children are left desperate and overwhelmed by their anxieties, sadness, or misbehavior. Just as teens are often very much in need of therapy, parents are often in need of support.

Parent consults are held in conjunction with your teen's individual therapy, and are essential not only for my understanding of your hopes for your child, but also for their therapeutic success. It is my strong belief and experience that teens and parents often yearn for closeness and connection, yet misunderstandings, family stress, or fear of judgement often blocks the open and constructive communication that is necessary for a strong relationship. Therefore parent consults are devoted to providing a framework that will allow you to invite open and honest conversations and equip you with the language to talk so your teens will listen, and to listen so your teens will talk.

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